Bitcoin Digital Review – Scam or not?

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Bitcoin is soaring to new heights and traders across the UK looking for ways to join in the latest boom in digital currency. One of the most straightforward ways to begin is to use a cryptocurrency trading platform such as Bitcoin Digital. Then, in the Bitcoin Digital analysis UK we’ll have a look at this trading platform to see if it’s fraudulent or legitimate platform to trade Bitcoin profitably.

Bitcoin Digital at a Glance

Type Crypto Trading
Minimum Deposit $250
Leveraged Trading Yes
Withdrawal Time All hours of the day
Mobile App No
Supported Cryptocurrencies BTC, ETH, LTE, XRP, BCH

What is Bitcoin Digital?

Bitcoin Digital The Bitcoin Digital is an exchange for cryptocurrency which buys and sells Bitcoin as well as other digital currencies. There are positive and negative feedback about Bitcoin Digital from former users, so it is important to take your time when starting on Bitcoin Digital, a Bitcoin trading service.

Bitcoin Digital Services

Bitcoin Digital only does one thing: trading in cryptocurrency. It operates with minimal input from your side and doesn’t need that you have a deep understanding about the trading market or digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Ripple. Bitcoin Digital Homepage

How Does Bitcoin Digital Work?

Let’s have a look at the ways you can join Bitcoin Digital and start passively trading in cryptocurrencies:

Step 1: Sign up on the Bitcoin Digital website. Bitcoin Digital

To begin trading with Bitcoin Digital, the first step is to sign up for a brand new account. Visit the Bitcoin Digital website and enter your name, email address, and telephone number into the form located at the top. After that, click ‚Register Now‘.‘ Register for Bitcoin Digital Open Account Cryptoassets are extremely volatile and unregulated investment options. They do not offer EU investor protection is available.

Step 2: Open an Account at a Partner Broker

The partner you’re assigned to is based on the country in which you reside. It’s important to note that Bitcoin Digital doesn’t share the identity of the company that you’re signing up with. It’s a bit jarring because there’s no way to ensure that you’re signing with a legitimate and regulated organization. In any case, you’ll be required to prove your identity using the driver’s license or passport for the purpose of signing up for a brokerage account. This is a good sign the broker is in compliance as this is not required for unregulated brokers. Additionally the broker is able to accept debit and credit cards. This implies that the major financial institutions are willing to collaborate in partnership with the Bitcoin Digital broker.

Step 3: Verify Your Identity

As we mentioned, Bitcoin Digital’s partners need to verify your identity in order to be compliant with anti-money-laundering regulations. You can do this by uploading a copy your driver’s license or passport. You’ll also require evidence of your address, which could be an account statement from a bank or a utility bill. Many trading platforms can verify your documents in a matter of minutes. Some take up two days for this verification procedure.

Step 4: Deposit Funds

Next step, you must deposit money into your brokerage account. This is the cash that Bitcoin Digital will trade on behalf of you. Bitcoin Digital has a minimum investment of $250. This is approximately PS185. The majority of Bitcoin Digital’s partners accept credit or debit cards, as in addition to UK bank transfer. Certain also accept payments via an e-wallet , such as PayPal.

Step 5: Activate Bitcoin Digital

You’re now ready to begin trading using Bitcoin Digital. It’s recommended to begin using the paper trading account offered by the platform. There are no charges when trading on your demo account. When you’re satisfied with the trading robot of Bitcoin Digital you can enable live trading on your account’s dashboard. Sign Up Cryptoassets are extremely volatile and unregulated investment options. They do not offer EU protection for investors. Testimonials from clients Bitcoin Digital also offers testimonials from former and current customers on its website. The testimonials users mention that they began with a minimum investment of PS185. One report over PS5,200 of profits in only 47 days, while others report over PS7400 in profit. Bitcoin Digital Testimonials Of course it is important to be sure to take these testimonials with take a pinch of salt. It’s impossible to tell the accuracy of these testimonials or not. In any event, Bitcoin Digital is incentivised to showcase its best user’s results.

Bitcoin Digital Fees

Bitcoin Digital takes a unique method of pricing that guarantees the platform is striving to make money for you. Instead of charging monthly fees for account use no matter if you’re earning loss or earning money Bitcoin Digital only charges an amount based on the profits you make. Bitcoin Digital Features Bitcoin Digital has no hidden charges or withdrawal fees , only the 2% commission on profit. Therefore, there’s no cost for using the platform in the event that it’s not generating profits for you. Visit Bitcoin Digital Now Cryptoassets are highly volatile , unregulated investment options. They do not offer EU protection of investors.

Is Bitcoin Digital a Scam?

You must be cautious of any trading platform online which promises massive profits with only a small amount of work. This is especially relevant to trading in cryptocurrency that are considered to be to be among the most risky investments that are available. Therefore can you tell if Bitcoin Digital trustworthy, or is it is a fraud? It’s hard to provide the definitive answer to that question. There’s no way to confirm the assertions Bitcoin Digital makes about its previous performance or the gains that some traders have made. The reality it Bigtcoin Digital won’t give you specifics about its brokers is also warning. However, there numerous favorable reviews about Bitcoin Digital online. Some traders report making a million within a few weeks However, many say that they could earn decent amounts of money through this trading method. Additionally, Bitcoin Digital has been in operation for a long time which indicates that it’s an authentic trading platform and an application that is reliable.

Bitcoin Digital App & Desktop Platform

Bitcoin Digital primarily uses a web interface, therefore there’s no software to download to your PC. In your account online you will be able to view the recent performance of the trading robot. It also shows which trades were made in the past and whether or not these made profits. The dashoard is the place to be able to switch between live and demo trading. Bitcoin Digital also offers a mobile trading application that works on iOS as well as Android. It isn’t accessible publicly on the Google Play or Apple App Stores. Instead, Bitcoin Digital sends you an download link to the application after you’ve signed up to use Bitcoin Digital’s trading platform.

Bitcoin Digital Payments & Withdrawal

The payments at Bitcoin Digital are facilitated by the partner broker with whom your account for trading is registered. There is no way to make withdrawals or payments to Bitcoin Digital itself. Because of this the payment methods accepted by Bitcoin Digital can differ between brokers who are part of the partnership. Most members of the network accept debit and credit cards , along with bank transfers. Many offer e-wallets, such as PayPal. The withdrawal and deposit process and the fees associated with them depend on the broker that you’re being matched with. Many brokers provide no-cost withdrawals and deposits, however you’ll need to determine if it’s the case with the broker that you’re matched to when you sign up for Bitcoin Digital. In the Bitcoin Digital section of the service, it’s noted that you are able to take money from the account any point. Payouts must be made by the same method the deposit method. If your balance is less than 250 dollars, Bitcoin Digital will fully pay out your account. It’s unclear if you can directly request withdrawals through your brokerage.

Bitcoin Digital Minimum Deposit

The minimum deposit for Bitcoin Digital is $250, which is about PS185.

Bitcoin Digital Customer Support

The biggest drawback of Bitcoin Digital is that the platform does not provide support for customers except if you’re already registered user. There’s no contact details or email address you could make use of to inquire about issues. The website states that you’ll get additional details on how to reach out when you sign up, however you can’t be sure you’ll get access to customer service.

How to Use Bitcoin Digital

Let’s look at the steps to utilize Bitcoin Digital in 6 quick steps:

  1. Create a new account using your name, emailaddress, and the number of your phone
  2. Make an account at one of the broker partners
  3. Verify your identity using an ID with a picture
  4. You must deposit a minimum of $250 using a debit card or credit card, an e-wallet or bank transfer
  5. Try the waters of Bitcoin Digital using the demo account
  6. Start live trading by activating it to begin trading using real money

A Fundação para Educação Econômica anuncia duas doações importantes do fundador da, Roger Ver

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19 de janeiro de 2020, St Kitts & Nevis & Atlanta – A Foundation for Economic Education ( ) anunciou hoje que o fundador da e investidor em criptomoeda Roger Ver fez duas doações totalizando $ 2.000.000 em Bitcoin Cash (BCH) para apoiar o trabalho da FEE no avanço da liberdade individual e na educação de alunos ao redor do mundo nas bases morais e econômicas de uma sociedade livre.

O primeiro presente de US $ 1 milhão apoia os eventos marcantes da FEE em 2021 – o 75º aniversário da FEE – bem como programas adicionais para alunos, incluindo livros e conteúdo educacional online.

A segunda doação de $ 1 milhão assume a forma de uma doação, que será uma fonte perpétua de apoio para as atividades educacionais da FEE

Ver, que já doou US $ 1.000.000 em Bitcoin para a FEE em 2013, disse que tem uma dívida intelectual com a FEE e está fazendo essa nova doação em um momento em que acredita que o trabalho da FEE é mais necessário do que nunca.

“Eu era assinante da revista da FEE“ The Freeman ”quando estava no colégio e devo muito do meu sucesso no Bitcoin ao que aprendi lendo sobre a urgência moral de ter um sistema monetário separado do estado força,“

disse Roger Ver .

Ele continuou:

“Eu estava olhando ao redor do mundo hoje e vi bloqueios globais, inflação, ataques à liberdade individual, e pensei: ‚Quem são as vozes mais importantes da liberdade hoje?‘ FEE está no topo da minha lista. Quero ajudar a FEE a ter o mesmo impacto na vida de milhões de jovens que teve na minha. ”

Fundada em 1946, a FEE é o think tank libertário mais antigo dos EUA. A FEE está celebrando seu marco histórico de 75 anos com eventos ao longo de 2021, incluindo a FEEcon (em Atlanta de 17 a 19 de junho) e a FEE 75th Anniversary Gala em 19 de junho. A cada ano, a FEE atinge um público de centenas de milhões online e quase 20.000 alunos por meio de programas em sala de aula em faculdades e escolas de ensino médio nos Estados Unidos e na América Latina. and form a major partnership

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COVID crisis forces travel enthusiasts to put their desires on hold for a while. As the crypto market booms, partnerships are being created to attract future travelers with deep pockets.

The company announced on January 11, 2021, a partnership with the giant

Only accessible to users of the application , they will be offered a 25% reduction on all their accommodation rentals.

This new exclusive offer is in addition to the many services and products that Bitcoin Evolution debit card holders have. In fact, users could already benefit from a reduction of up to 8% on their expenses, as well as free access to airport lounges.

According to, 65% of their customer database describes themselves as “excited” to travel in 2021. However, the budget allocated to their future trips will surely be reduced. 62% of them believe that they will “pay more attention” to their expenses.

Needless to say, individuals who bet on cryptocurrencies during this bull cycle can be a significant financial windfall users will therefore be able to take advantage of the most reputable travel facilitation platform on the market. 28 million listings will be available to them, as well as discounts on more than 400,000 properties.

In 2020, our debit card program became the most widely used in the ecosystem. We know that synergy with the travel industry can be extremely beneficial. Our user database grew significantly in 2020, and we have more than 5 million users worldwide. It is therefore a privilege to announce this partnership with

MicroStrategy completa la compra de Bitcoin

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MicroStrategy completa la compra de Bitcoin por 650 millones de dólares

La empresa de inteligencia comercial tiene ahora un total de 70.000 dólares en valor de Bitcoin, 1.125 millones de dólares.
La firma de inteligencia de negocios MicroStrategy anunció hoy que ha Bitcoin Investor completado la compra de 29.646 Bitcoin, por un valor de alrededor de 650 millones de dólares.

Crea tu propia NFT personalizada y 100% única para tus amigos y familia, o guárdala para ti. Si estás buscando el regalo perfecto para las fiestas, no busques más.

Junto con Descifrar

La compañía tiene ahora un total de 70.470 Bitcoin comprados por un precio total de 1.125 millones de dólares. Pagó un precio medio de 15.964 dólares por Bitcoin.

La inversión total de MicroStrategy vale ahora 1.600 millones de dólares a los precios actuales, un 42% más.

La empresa anunció el 11 de diciembre que había conseguido 650 millones de dólares en títulos de deuda para invertir más en Bitcoin. Desde entonces ha convertido ese dinero en Bitcoin, lo que presumiblemente explica por qué el precio de Bitcoin se ha disparado por encima de los 24.000 dólares en los últimos días.

MicroStrategy ya había hecho dos inversiones en Bitcoin usando el efectivo de la empresa. Había comprado 38.250 Bitcoin a un precio medio de 11.111 dólares entre agosto y septiembre.

Bitcoin bombea mientras Michael Saylor extiende la oferta a Elon Musk

Escuchen, Elon Musk: Michael Saylor, CEO de MicroStrategy, tiene algunos consejos. Saylor ha comprado 1.300 millones de dólares en Bitcoin en los últimos meses, afirma en Twitter, y está dispuesto a compartir…

El fin de semana, el CEO de MicroStrategy, Michael Saylor, animó al CEO de Tesla, Elon Musk, a invertir las participaciones de su empresa en Bitcoin.

„Si quiere hacer a sus accionistas un favor de 100.000 millones de dólares, convierta el balance de $TSLA de USD a #BTC. Otras firmas en el S&P 500 seguirían su ejemplo y con el tiempo crecería hasta convertirse en un favor de 1 billón de dólares“, dijo en su momento.

Musk respondió entonces: „¿Son posibles estas grandes transacciones?“

A lo que Saylor respondió que sí, con muchas pruebas para demostrarlo.

Square Inc. Spera di diventare verde con Bitcoin

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La società di pagamenti adiacente a Twitter finanzierà i metodi di estrazione mineraria Bitcoin più puliti.

Chiavi da asporto

  • Square dice che si affiderà all’energia pulita piuttosto che ai combustibili fossili per ridurre le emissioni di carbonio legate al Bitcoin.
  • Nell’ambito della Bitcoin Clean Energy Investment Initiative, la società sta stanziando 10 milioni di dollari per sostenere l’estrazione mineraria di Bitcoin a energia pulita.
  • L’estrazione mineraria Bitcoin è notoriamente ad alta intensità energetica.

Square, una società di pagamenti guidata dal fondatore di Twitter Jack Dorsey, intende diventare carbon neutral secondo un nuovo comunicato stampa.

Carbon Neutro di carbonio entro il 2030

Square ha annunciato l’8 dicembre che intende raggiungere lo zero carbonio netto per le sue operazioni entro il 2030. L’azienda punta ad affidarsi all’energia pulita piuttosto che ai combustibili fossili per le sue operazioni.

Per raggiungere il suo obiettivo, l’azienda ha anche lanciato la Bitcoin Clean Energy Investment Initiative, che sosterrà le aziende che lavorano sulle tecnologie energetiche verdi in tutta la catena di fornitura Bitcoin.

Il processo di estrazione mineraria della Bitcoin consuma notoriamente grandi quantità di energia. Il consumo annuo di energia della criptovaluta è attualmente pari a 77 TWh, secondo Digiconomist-una quantità maggiore rispetto ad alcuni paesi. Inoltre, una quantità significativa di energia utilizzata nell’estrazione mineraria della Bitcoin deriva da combustibili fossili come il carbone.

Trovare una soluzione

Tutto questo è motivo di preoccupazione per aziende come Square. L’azienda acquista ogni trimestre miliardi di dollari di Bitcoin per conto dei clienti Cash App, il che significa che l’azienda contribuisce indirettamente alle emissioni di anidride carbonica. Per questo motivo, investire in fonti di energia pulita è una strategia sensata.

Tuttavia, trovare risorse energetiche pulite e rinnovabili con disponibilità costante è una sfida. Anche se Square non eliminerà le emissioni di carbonio per tutti i Bitcoin che elabora, la sua strategia mira a migliorare l’impatto ambientale complessivo dell’estrazione mineraria Bitcoin.

Questo approccio potrebbe aiutare Square a bilanciare entrambe le sue missioni: ridurre la sua impronta di carbonio e contemporaneamente acquistare il bene più energivoro del pianeta.

Never before have there been so many active Bitcoin addresses

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The number of people who own an entire Bitcoin Trader is steadily increasing. In addition, the active BTC addresses are reaching a new all-time high – what does that mean for the decentralization of Bitcoin?

New data indicate that so-called „Wholecoiner“, i.e. people who own a whole Bitcoin or more, currently make up 95 percent of the total capitalization of BTC. The remaining five percent, who own less than one bitcoin, are divided between over 10,000,000 addresses.

In addition, the number of those who own a whole unit of digital gold has increased dramatically since 2009. According to Glassnode More than 800,000 addresses now hold at least one whole BTC:

Glassnode: Wallets with at least one BTC

This development indicates that Bitcoin is becoming increasingly decentralized, as the BTC supply is distributed over several addresses and there are more and more people who own a whole BTC. In addition, the number of Active BTC addresses is at a new all-time high:

IntoTheBlock: Daily active BTC addresses

This makes it more likely that individual Bitcoin whales can influence the BTC rate less and less. Nevertheless, of course, you don’t know whether some people have multiple wallets. Therefore, it may well be that the true distribution of BTC is more centralized than these data suggest.


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  • O Bitcoin passou por um rally extremo nos últimos dias
  • Depois de ter ficado em baixa na região de 16.100 dólares na semana passada, a moeda subiu para 19.600 dólares a partir da redação deste artigo
  • A moeda foi negociada até 19.900 dólares mais cedo hoje.
  • John Bollinger está avisando que a Bitcoin poderá em breve encontrar uma alta de curto a médio prazo.


O Bitcoin passou por um rali extremo nos últimos dias. Depois de ter ficado em baixa na região de 16.100 dólares na semana passada, a moeda subiu para mais de 19.600 dólares a partir da redação deste artigo. Hoje cedo, a moeda foi negociada até $19.900 em alguns mercados à vista e mais de $20.000 em alguns dos mercados futuros da CME.

Espera-se que a Bitcoin obtenha novos ganhos nas próximas semanas, à medida que a moeda poste sua melhor vela mensal para fechar. Espera-se também que a BTC veja uma enorme vela anual fechar, caso mantenha esses níveis até o final do ano.

Alguns estão avisando que pode haver uma correção no horizonte, no entanto.

O lendário analista técnico, John Bollinger, diz que é provável que haja uma queda ou consolidação do Bitcoin. Bollinger é conhecido pelo indicador Bollinger Bands, que ele criou. O indicador é agora um grampo nas caixas de ferramentas de muitos comerciantes.

Bollinger comentou o Bitcoin na manhã de segunda-feira, referindo-se ao gráfico abaixo:

„OK, hora de prestar atenção, $BTCUSD“. Esta é uma configuração clássica de topo. Nenhuma confirmação ainda e a configuração poderia ser facilmente ultrapassada, mas os comerciantes sensatos deveriam lavar seus óculos“.

Bollinger é há muito tempo um fã do Bitcoin. Ele segue ativamente o mercado e tem emitido previsões assustadoramente precisas no passado, tais como a chamada de alguns movimentos intra-semana em outubro de 2019 e a previsão de algumas ações de preços no início deste ano.


Seja qual for o caso, os analistas pensam que o rally em andamento é o início de uma tendência de touro de longo prazo que levará Bitcoin muito acima de seu recorde anterior.

O CIO de Off the Chain Capital disse recentemente à Globe and Mail que ele acha que a mudança da Bitcoin para $100.000 neste ciclo de mercado não é implausível:

„Eu vi o BTC subir 10X, 20X, 30X em um ano“. Portanto, subir 5X não é um grande negócio“.

Outros também fizeram esta forte afirmação.

Raoul Pal, CEO da Real Vision, disse recentemente que acha que a Bitcoin poderia atingir US$ 1.000.000 nos próximos cinco anos como resultado dos influxos institucionais. Pal acaba de anunciar que 98% de seu patrimônio líquido (líquido) está atualmente em criptograma, seja Bitcoin ou ETH.

Bitcoin gaat omhoog, Coinbase gaat omlaag: uitval van uitwisselingen en verontwaardiging van handelaars

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Coinbase heeft sinds maart meerdere uitval gehad, vaak samenvallend met volatiele Bitcoin-handelsdagen.

Coinbase lijkt een capaciteitsprobleem te hebben

Gebruikers wijzen er al jaren op dat wanneer Bitcoin Era en andere crypto-activa bijzonder vluchtig zijn, de uitwisseling soms zonder waarschuwing offline gaat. Deze storingen kunnen voorkomen dat klanten hun crypto-activa kopen of verkopen en worden over het algemeen als ongunstig beoordeeld door handelaren.

Tussen maart en november registreerde de uitwisseling negen verschillende problemen die leidden tot verschillende soorten uitval of verbindingsproblemen, hoewel de directe gevolgen voor de klant in sommige gevallen enigszins onduidelijk zijn. De problemen variëren schijnbaar in ernst. De belangrijkste statusupdate die Coinbase tijdens dergelijke tijden heeft geplaatst, is: „ ondervindt verbindingsproblemen.“

Vier van deze gevallen vielen samen met vluchtige Bitcoin-prijsactie, volgens prijskaarsen van 30 minuten op

Op 29 april meldde Coinbase verbindingsproblemen. In een update van de status die later werd gepost, leek op die dag problemen te hebben ondervonden tussen 10.00 uur en 12.30 uur PDT. De prijs van Bitcoin bewoog in dat tijdvenster 4,54%. CoinTelegraph rapporteerde eerder over platformmoeilijkheden die op die dag werden waargenomen .

Op 9 mei, Coinbase kennis gesteld van het publiek van een andere moeilijkheid , wederom onder vermelding van: “ ervaart problemen met de verbinding” Deze keer bewoog de prijs van Bitcoin 15,26% tussen 17:00 en 18:00 uur PDT – het tijdvenster vertoonde problemen, gebaseerd op de status, die ook toegevoegde details bevatte die enkele dagen later werden gepubliceerd.

Visa-CEO blickt in die Welt von Crypto

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Der CEO von Visa ist optimistisch, dass in Zukunft mehr digitale Währungen im Visa-Netzwerk laufen werden.

Der CEO von Visa, Alfred Kelly, sagte, er sehe großes Potenzial in Kryptowährungen.

Digitale Assets werden in Ländern mit einer hohen Anzahl von Menschen ohne Bankverbindung sehr nützlich sein, fügte er hinzu

Es kann jedoch einige Jahre dauern, bis Visa die aufkommende Technologie vollständig akzeptiert.
Alfred Kelly, CEO des Zahlungsgiganten Visa, sagte, sein Unternehmen sehe in den kommenden Jahren ein großes Potenzial in digitalen Währungen, insbesondere in Entwicklungsmärkten mit einer beträchtlichen Anzahl von Menschen ohne Bankverbindung. Dies geht aus dem am Freitag veröffentlichten Bericht von CNBC hervor .

„Krypto ist ein sich entwickelnder Teil des Zahlungsverkehrs in der Welt“, sagte Kelly und fügte hinzu: „Letztendlich konnten wir sehen, dass digitale Währungen regelmäßiger im Visa-Netzwerk laufen“, wenn auch „einige Jahre später“.

Das Unternehmen hat kürzlich Plaid übernommen, ein Unternehmen, das 11.000 Finanzinstituten in den USA und 2.700 Fintech-Entwicklern beim Datenaustausch hilft.

„Wir sind ein Netzwerk und versuchen zunehmend, ein Netzwerk von Netzwerken zu werden“, bemerkte Kelly Geld auf der ganzen Welt. “

Der CEO von Visa fügte hinzu, dass einer der größten Vorteile von Crypto bei den 1,7 Milliarden Menschen ohne Bankverbindung auf der ganzen Welt liegt, die keinen Zugang zu herkömmlichen Konten haben.

„Es gibt 1,7 Milliarden Menschen auf der Erde, von denen wir glauben, dass sie in keinem Land, in dem sie leben, in einem Mainstream-Bankensystem verankert sind, einschließlich einiger hier in den USA“, bemerkte Kelly und fügte hinzu: „Wir sind auf jeden Fall offen für jedes Fahrzeug das erleichtert den weltweiten Geldverkehr. Wir wollen mittendrin sein. “

Gleichzeitig plant Visa eine Zusammenarbeit mit Zentralbanken, wenn oder wann sie ihre eigenen digitalen Zentralbankwährungen (CBDCs) ausgeben. Während sich die meisten dieser Projekte noch in einem frühen Entwicklungsstadium befinden, geht Kelly davon aus, dass diese Bemühungen in Zukunft zum Tragen kommen werden.

„Wir erwarten weiterhin, mit Zentralbanken auf der ganzen Welt zusammenzuarbeiten, um digitale Währungen für die Zukunft zu entwickeln“, sagte der CEO von Visa. Und es sieht so aus, als ob es bei vielen von ihnen sein wird .